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Communication Strategies that Drive Business and Branding
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Whether you’re a brand-new business looking to establish an online presence, remedy outdated marketing strategies, or boost your public relations, our team can provide the experience you need to grow your business in today’s online platform.



Strategically build relationships with the stakeholders who matter to your business. The power of relationships can help you advocate, collaborate and grow. 

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Showcasing your brand online is critical in today’s global environment. Reaching your audience in the right place is a key strategy in a winning plan. 

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Content Management

Cut through the clutter with clear messages in language that reflects your brand. Well-written content is the most important element across all channels and doesn’t happen by accident. 

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A strong social media strategy can stand alone or support other elements of an effective communication plan. This cost effective, real-time tool is a major player in reaching big audiences. 

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Find Your Direction

Middle America Communication Solutions is dedicated to helping you achieve higher online rankings, increase your social media attention and gather new customers through digital marketing. Together, we will put together a well planned out strategy  that will help you make strategic decisions around the best way to communicate.


KPI Insurance

When you work with Middle America Communication Solutions, you get a team that knows their stuff. They took on my website project with gusto and executed beautifully. Thanks to their work and guidance, I have an updated website with a design I love and the functionality I needed to move my business forward. As a business owner, I have enough to manage without trying to learn to build a website. I’m not a techy person and I don’t want to be. These ladies provided the answers and peace of mind I needed for this project, and the result is outstanding.

-Kelli Potter

SD Game, Fish & Parks

"I really appreciated Jona’s “no nonsense” attitude about our messaging. It was a complicated topic and it was nice to use straightforward language to describe all the things we needed our audience to do. She made sure we got this accomplished!"

-B. Schall

Thrivent Financial Professional 

Working with Jona and Middle America Communication Solutions is awesome! I have wanted social media to be part of my outreach strategy, but it’s so hard to find the time to do it well. Her creativity, attention to detail, ideas, and organization have let me know the job is well done. My business is seeing an increase in page views, reach and engagement every week.

-Jeff Tveit

Maule Law Office, Inc. 

Working with Jona and Middle America Communication Solutions improved my Google search results very quickly. Their expertise and creativity really moved the needle. Regular meetings keep me informed about what’s happening with my online presence. Giving them full management of my Facebook page is the best decision I’ve made for my social media efforts – it’s actually helping my business now. 

-Theresa Maule


Photo Credit: Rilee Christensen


Middle America Communication Solutions is a boutique firm focused on building relationships through long-term stability, trust, loyalty and shared values. We are here to help your business take complicated topics and turn them into plain, straightforward language. 


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